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Wachowskis taking on Ninjas next! [Mar. 18th, 2008|02:48 pm]
The Matrix Community at Live Journal


This should be fun!!
From SciFi.com:
"Chou Stars In Wachowski Ninja Film

Matrix cast member Collin Chou told SCI FI Wire that he will be one of four leads in a new fantasy ninja film from Matrix creators Larry and Andy Wachowski, who will produce but not direct. Variety has reported that the film will be called Ninja Assassin, a title Chou couldn't confirm.

"I don't think I'm supposed to talk about it, but I am working with the Wachowski brothers next month, and I look forward to working with them again on a major movie," Chou said in an interview at the Wizard World convention in Los Angeles over the weekend. "It will be in Berlin." As for the film's title, Chou said: "I don't know if that's the final name yet." Chou played Seraph in the Wachowskis'
Matrix films.

Chou also confirmed a longstanding rumor that he is playing a role that Jet Li turned down. "I have to say that I'm constantly grateful to Jet Li, and I thank him all the time, but that is personal," Chou joked. (Chou co-stars with Li and Jackie Chan in the upcoming fantasy martial-arts film
The Forbidden Kingdom.)

Chou said that the Wachowskis' ninja movie starts production in late April or early May. "And this is a part that is built around me," he said. "They have wanted to have me in a larger part, and I was waiting and waiting for a long time for it to happen. I am one of four of the main characters in this movie. It is a great honor to be on board."

Korean pop star Rain, whose real name is Jung Ji-hoon, is also part of the project and one of the four main characters. Rain, who is in the upcoming
Speed Racer film, was also in last year's Korean film I'm a Cyborg, But That's OK.

Variety earlier reported that the film will be produced by Matrix producer Joel Silver and most likely will be directed by James McTeigue, who also helmed the Wachowski-produced V for Vendetta.

Forbidden Kingdom opens April 18. --Mike Szymanski "

[User Picture]From: taintedkiai
2008-03-19 01:13 pm (UTC)
Seraph.... zomfg

We need more Seraph, I wish they would do an animatrix style again with Seraph.
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